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The medical/health professional education system in Vietnam faces challenges in responding to the health and employment needs of a rapidly changing economic and epidemiological landscape. There is an urgent need to update the country’s system of health professional education including university curricula and approaches to teaching and learning. Many institutions in Vietnam and the region are currently undergoing significant reforms in order to address societal demands, increase integration into the international community, and rise to the challenges of creating a robust and adaptable health workforce ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


The third annual national scientific conference on health professional education in Vietnam seeks to provide a forum for sharing innovations and advances in medical education in Vietnam and the Southeast Asian Region.  The conference aims to stimulate discussions among medical and health education leaders, inspire further innovations, and foster a community of medical educators invested in advancing medical education research and quality improvement. 


The Conference theme is “Achieving Competency in Medical Education”.  It will be organized around the following four sub-themes, each having its down dedicated sub-section in the conference.

1. Using Assessment to Build Towards Competency

This session aims to share experiences in assessment methods utilized in medical and health education to ensure competency.  The session will include topics such as:

  • Assessment strategies, tools and approaches used during the pre-clerkship and clerkship years
  • Innovations in Assessment and Evaluation
  • Creating new/novel approaches to assessment and evaluation, including the incorporation of EPAs 

2.Transitioning from Knowledge Acquisition to Competency Based Medical and Health Education in the Pre-Clerkship Years

This session aims discuss strategies and pedagogical approaches to incorporate in competency based medical/health education in the pre-clerkship years.  This can include case-based teaching, utilization of skills/stimulation, etc…  The session will include topics such as:

  • Pedagogical approaches for basic and medical sciences to drive towards medical/health professional competency
  • Using stimulation and skill centers to maximize achieve competency
  • Curricular reform in the basic and medical sciences to increase relevancy in health professional education

3.  Developing Competencies for Healthcare Professional Students to Participate in Community-based, Primary Health Care

This session aims to discuss approaches and methods which integrate healthcare professional students in community based settings.  The session will include topics such as:

  • Approaches to integrate community-based clinical experiences and context in undergraduate medical/health professional education
  • Primary care experiences, doctor-patient relationship, and building professionalism and humanism in medicine
  • Incorporating in longitudinal experiences for students to engage with communities and patients

4. Clinical Teaching to Achieve Competencies

This session aims to discuss and share clinical teaching strategies to increase exposure and allow students to optimize practice in clinical settings.  The session will include topics such as:

  • Designing clinical frameworks and strategies that focus on milestones and skill acquisition
  • Tracking student development in clinical knowledge and skills to ensure competency
  • Pedagogical approaches to teach clinical knowledge to achieve competency