The 5th Medical Education Conference theme is “Health Professionals Education and Standards at a Time of Change”.  It will be organized around the following dedicated sessions, workshops and satellite in the conference.

Session topics:

  1. Innovations and methods in enhance Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) curriculum development
  2. Methods to Enhance CBME pedagogy and assessment
  3. Teaching and assessing students during COVID 19 pandemic.
  4. Digital Transformation in Health Education


  1. How to deliver high quality clinical teaching in a busy clinical environment
  2. Design scholarly curriculum
  3. Peer observation and feedback to enhance active learning
  4. IPE in medical education
  5. AUN-QA-based medical education program accreditation: experience sharing from HCMCUMP and TNUMP 


  1. Residency education program reform
  2. Dental education program reform
  3. Pharmacy education program reform
  4. Nursing education program reform

Panel discussion:

How to prepare for National exam: roles of UMPs

Student contest topics:

How do you feel about the teamwork in fighting COVID-19 pandemic?


 * Abstract submission deadline:
October 15th, 2021  October 22th, 2021
 * Essay submission deadline:
October 10th, 2021  October 17th, 2021
 * Confirmation of abstract acceptance:

            November 20th, 2021